Q. Could you give me an individual comprehensive opinion on the astrological reading?
A. This website does not provide individual (manual) astrological appraisals.

Q. Should I part with my current partner? Or should I continue with my marriage?
A. This website does not provide individual consultation or an advice regarding the astrological reading.

Q. Is there a way to get along with my partner?
A. I believe that the compatibility between one person and another does not change fundamentally and that it's more important to find a good partner at the beginning than trying to get along well with the current one.

Q. I applied for the astrological service, but I never received an e-mail. What is going on?
A-1. The email may have been caught in the spam filter, so please check your spam folder.
A-2. You may have entered a wrong email address. If you enter a wrong email address, we do no have a means to contact you, so please ensure that you enter the right email address.

Q. Can the astrological service check not only with a lover or a marriage partner, but also with family and same-sex friends?
A. It can be with anyone, including family members, friends, business associates and superiors. For better or worse, if you check the compatibility with someone who has made a big impact on you, it can help you deepen your insights into human relationships and release the trauma caused by him/her.

Q. Are the results of astrology applicable to foreigners as well?
A. Yes, totally applicable to every human being.

Q. Are there any payment methods other than a credit card?
A. You can pay only by a credit card (Visa, MasterCard, JCB).

Q. How do I renew my credit card information when expired?
A. In the credit card payment form, press "Delete Email, Phone, and Password Information" to register a new card.

Q. I don't know my exact birth time. Should I put in an approximate time?
A. If you enter a wrong birth time, you will get a wrong astrological reading. Therefore, when you do not know the exact birth time, leave minute or both hour and minute "unknown".

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