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Synastry Astrology - Birth Data
  • Notes on using the following astrogical reading
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The following results are calculated by the waves of the planets recorded on the bodies of two people at the moments of their birth. Depending on whether the waves have tendencies to attract or repel, they are divided into: Very good luck, Good luck, A little luck, A little misfortune, Misfortune and Great misfortune.

You might think it's strange that both Good luck and Misfortune are listed simultaneously, but just like the screen of your PC or smartphone you're looking at now displays different colors created from a combination of completely different colored dots of red, green, and blue, the waves that produces chemistry between the two people are made from a complex combination of different kinds of Good luck and Misfortune.

Besides, when both Good luck and Misfortune are listed together, both interplay between the two people instead of neutralizing them to zero.

In order to derive overall relationship between the two people from the following items, it is important to read all the items over and over and derive intuitive results from them.
  • Love Luck
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The following are a description of the feelings that develop between the two people, mainly in the early stages of their relationship. Shortly after they met, they feel these following emotions are dominant and universal. However, as years go by after they met, the following "Relationship of Trust" and "Fatal and Karmic Relationship" become more dominant.
Misfortune ... Love that each person desires is different
For Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson, Evelyn Lozada is the person who has a free and open personality. Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson expresses love towards Evelyn Lozada, but Evelyn Lozada, who loves freedom and justice, feels that Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson's love is so selfish and possessive that Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson always ties Evelyn Lozada down, so Evelyn Lozada will want to escape from it. On the other hand, Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson is not satisfied because the love that Evelyn Lozada expresses to Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson is not a kind of love that Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson desires, but a sort of universal love for mankind. Both people will gradually think that the love desired by one another is different in direction, and they also feel no emotional rapport, so they may not be in a close and intimate relationship. In this relationship, both people tend to act selfishly and are prone to wasting money. Also, Evelyn Lozada tends to give Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson some gifts which Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson doesn't want.

  • Communication
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The following section shows whether the two people can communicate freely with each other, including whether one easily understands what the other is talking about, or whether they find their conversation fun or irritating.
Very good luck ... Full of stimulating conversation
Two people have a common intellect and the same view about recognizing and thinking about things. So both people can understand one another's idea quite clearly and can take in and share the other person's knowledge smoothly. Besides, the two people can be lost in conversations like old friends, and they have no shortage of common topics. Time flies when they are talking together.

A little misfortune ... They are hard to see reality, tending to make wrong decisions.
Evelyn Lozada sees Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson as a person with a poor sense of reality but a developed imagination. For Evelyn Lozada, Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson always replies in an ambiguous and out-of-focus way and avoids a clear response. Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson is reluctant to be asked too much evidence and certainty of the content of the conversation. Besides, Evelyn Lozada sees Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson's flaws through the filter of illusion, so the small defect tends to be overlooked. On the other hand, Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson sees Evelyn Lozada an independent and ideal person. This relationship brings emotional intimacy and softens a critical attitude. However, as two people are hard to see reality and tend to make the wrong decisions, it is important to be careful especially in business relationships.

Misfortune ... Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson verbally abuses Evelyn Lozada inadvertently, getting into a fuss.
When Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson is with Evelyn Lozada, Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson's negative emotion and anger are aroused, and when Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson touches on the subject of Evelyn Lozada's shortcomings, critical words endlessly flows out of Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson's mouth. In response, when Evelyn Lozada hears Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson's criticism, Evelyn Lozada becomes irritated and combative, and both people might be arguing without realizing it. The direction of Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson's thoughts and that of Evelyn Lozada's assertiveness face the opposite direction and tend to cause confrontation. So, as long as they are together, there is a possibility that they will cause the argument.

Misfortune ... They cannot recognize one another's idea or imagination.
Evelyn Lozada's mind and Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson's imagination are disharmonious. So Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson cannot recognize what feelings Evelyn Lozada is holding and how Evelyn Lozada's emotion changes, even if Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson works Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson's imagination to the fullest extent. Meanwhile, Evelyn Lozada cannot understand what Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson imagines and might suppose it in the wrong way that Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson hates Evelyn Lozada, or that Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson is saying bad things about Evelyn Lozada. Besides, Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson tends to act to deceive Evelyn Lozada unconsciously. As there is no smooth communion between them, it may be difficult for them to build a trusting relationship.

  • Sexual Relationship
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Sexual compatibility is especially important in love and a marital relationship. This section examines the sexual compatibility of the two people and shows whether they are sexually attracted to each other or the relationship is one-sided.
Misfortune ... A selfish physical relationship without affection
Though each person is drawn to the other person by strong romantic and sexual magnetism, this relationship is not peaceful but merely a physical involvement. Each person lacks kindness and acts selfishly to the other person. There is an intrinsic disharmony in this relationship, and deep down both people don't place much trust in the other person. Therefore, to confirm Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson's love, Evelyn Lozada could flirt with Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson for a giggle. On the other hand, Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson could give Evelyn Lozada the cold shoulder deliberately. Otherwise, both people might try to look cool to the other person. Besides, Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson will try to get Evelyn Lozada under Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson's thumb, but Evelyn Lozada may resist that. Eventually, two people are easy to be discordant and get into arguments in this relationship.

  • Cooperativeness
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The following section shows whether the two people can work together and can cooperatively lead their daily lives, and which one will play a leading role.
Very good luck ... They match with traditional gender roles of men and women.
Evelyn Lozada sees Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson as a responsible and dependable person who have self-initiative. Meanwhile, Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson feels Evelyn Lozada sensitive and rich in emotions. Each person perceives the other person as a good fellow whom he/she is always glad to be with. There is a smooth exchange between their minds, and both people understand one another's thoughts and feelings, so they can build a trusting relationship. Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson will play a leading role in this relationship, and Evelyn Lozada will embrace Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson's way of thinking. So both people will advance together with one another toward a common goal and will be blessed with a harmonious and happy life. Besides, this combination is matched with traditional gender roles of men and women and frequently seen in married couples.

Good luck ... The relationship has a positive, energetic, exhilarating atmosphere.
This relationship has a positive, energetic, exhilarating atmosphere, and both people is friendly as if they were close friends from childhood. Evelyn Lozada feels that Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson is generous and tolerant. At the same time, Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson feels Evelyn Lozada as a bundle of energy, accepting Evelyn Lozada's everything positively including Evelyn Lozada's defects, and Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson wants to guide Evelyn Lozada with Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson's wisdom, delighted as Evelyn Lozada grows in line with that idea. Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson teaches and supports various things to Evelyn Lozada, but that can also be done by money. However, Evelyn Lozada might capitalize on and utilize the Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson's kindness. In this relationship, they open their hearts, don't keep secrets, don't lie, be candid, and express their thoughts directly, so they become cooperative and trustworthy companions.

Misfortune ... Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson's one-sided crush to Evelyn Lozada
Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson is attracted to the powerful charm of Evelyn Lozada and aggressively chase and approach the whimsical Evelyn Lozada. However, this can probably be Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson's one-sided crush, and Evelyn Lozada, who wants to take a free position, feels Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson's enthusiasm is too stifling. The feelings which they are holding are different in direction and will never get together. Besides, they distrust one another, frequently dispute, and occasionally can explode. So, the result which this relationship brings about can vary widely and unpredictable, but it is predictable that it doesn't lead to good results.

  • Relationship of Trust
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The following section shows whether two people can trust each other or whether one person values what the other person plans and tries to do.
Good luck ... Evelyn Lozada further develops Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson's dreams and imagination.
The two people are connected with an intuitive empathy, and there is a positive, gentle, hopeful atmosphere in this relationship. Evelyn Lozada is generous and warm to Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson, and also is mentally and materially supportive of Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson which can be done financially. Meanwhile, Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson tries to exert high ideal and spirituality on Evelyn Lozada's conscience. By adding Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson's rich imagination to Evelyn Lozada's expansive nature, the two people can achieve spiritual and material happiness in their lives, so they are connected by a relationship of trust.

Misfortune ... Develop aversion towards one another's approach for change.
Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson's energy which invoke changes in the deep part of Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson's soul tries to transform Evelyn Lozada's young and immature conscience. In response, Evelyn Lozada feels repulsion about it and refuses to accept the changes that Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson inspires. On the other hand, in light of Evelyn Lozada's conscience and philosophy, Evelyn Lozada tries to direct progressively Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson's unfocused energy deep in Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson's heart. However, Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson also feels repulsion, and firmly refuse Evelyn Lozada's proposal. They will become aware of the conflicts inherent in the relationship.

  • Fatal and Karmic Relationship
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The following section shows the difference in values between the two people that affects them years after they met and whether one person will suppress the other. These matters don't very much bother them right after they met, but they have huge effects as time passes. The relationship with many "Great misfortunes" in this section seems problematic related to the difference in values over time.
Good luck ... Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson bring about positive transformation to Evelyn Lozada.
Two people are fatefully drawn to one another and belong to the same organization. Then, both person try to actively lead the relationship. Besides, they are fascinated with one another with sexual attractiveness. Both people have a good impression of the other person, and when Evelyn Lozada is with Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson, Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson can cause a positive and structural transformation to Evelyn Lozada's self-initiative and lifestyle and may make Evelyn Lozada more confident and improve Evelyn Lozada's social status.

A little misfortune ... A stoic relationship that suppresses Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson's aggressive energy
Evelyn Lozada will try to suppress and direct Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson's aggressive energy properly in line with Evelyn Lozada's conservative values. At the same time, Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson will take such a restriction set by Evelyn Lozada positively and will try to surmount it actively. However, Evelyn Lozada tends to suppress or disregard Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson's sexual approaches to Evelyn Lozada by Evelyn Lozada's conservative values, which make the relationship stoic and less sexual. Besides, there is an impersonal atmosphere in this relationship, and Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson will go through a lot with Evelyn Lozada.

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