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Synastry Astrology - Birth Data
  • Notes on using the following astrogical reading
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The following results are calculated by the waves of the planets recorded on the bodies of two people at the moments of their birth. Depending on whether the waves have tendencies to attract or repel, they are divided into: Very good luck, Good luck, A little luck, A little misfortune, Misfortune and Great misfortune.

You might think it's strange that both Good luck and Misfortune are listed simultaneously, but just like the screen of your PC or smartphone you're looking at now displays different colors created from a combination of completely different colored dots of red, green, and blue, the waves that produces chemistry between the two people are made from a complex combination of different kinds of Good luck and Misfortune.

Besides, when both Good luck and Misfortune are listed together, both interplay between the two people instead of neutralizing them to zero.

In order to derive overall relationship between the two people from the following items, it is important to read all the items over and over and derive intuitive results from them.
  • Love Luck
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The following are a description of the feelings that develop between the two people, mainly in the early stages of their relationship. Shortly after they met, they feel these following emotions are dominant and universal. However, as years go by after they met, the following "Relationship of Trust" and "Fatal and Karmic Relationship" become more dominant.
Very good luck ... Daphne Joy falls head over heels in love at first sight with Jason Derulo.
When Daphne Joy meets Jason Derulo at first, Daphne Joy will magnetically fall head over heels in love at first sight with Jason Derulo. Daphne Joy gets a feeling of being special with Jason Derulo who is an ideal personification of Daphne Joy's love interest, and this relationship will be associated with a strong sexual desire. Then their enthusiasm reaches a peak temporarily, and they heighten feelings for happy married life. This can also be an element which triggers marriage and which is frequently seen in the chart of married couples. There is a sense of exaltation and freedom but also volatility and instability in this relationship, and Daphne Joy perceives Jason Derulo a free-thinking person but also lacking stability, which may not satisfy Daphne Joy who wants love and togetherness from this romantic relationship. On the other hand, Jason Derulo feels Daphne Joy's attachment somewhat clingy and stifling. As this relationship have a "Hot love is soon cold" nature, it doesn't take time for the two people's romantic feeling to grow cold, and generally, Jason Derulo loses interest in Daphne Joy first and suddenly. As the relationship passes the peak of enthusiasm, the destructive influence begins to function, and there is no potential for this element itself to last this relationship for a long time.

Great misfortune ... Expression of Daphne Joy's love is suppressed.
Jason Derulo's sense of value will suppress an expression of Daphne Joy's love and affection. Daphne Joy senses Jason Derulo as a coercive, stern, authoritative father figure, and wants to depend on Jason Derulo's stability, showing affection with respect towards Jason Derulo. However, Jason Derulo's conservative values doesn't appreciate Daphne Joy's pure-hearted affection as precious and valuable but shallow and childish, and Jason Derulo gives Daphne Joy obligation and protection instead of love and affection. In response, Daphne Joy feels that Jason Derulo is biting the hand that feeds Jason Derulo and will increasingly be frustrated for Jason Derulo's inflexibility. This relationship has a sense of decency but doesn't at least encourage a love affair or marriage. However, if there are long-lasting relationships which have this element, their bond is not made from love but an obligation or other karmic reasons.

  • Communication
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The following section shows whether the two people can communicate freely with each other, including whether one easily understands what the other is talking about, or whether they find their conversation fun or irritating.
Good luck ... Jason Derulo responds to Daphne Joy's scholarly knowledge with high wisdom.
Daphne Joy has a lot of fun talking to Jason Derulo, and Jason Derulo interestedly listens to Daphne Joy's talk, accepting it with a warm and generous heart. Jason Derulo feels that Daphne Joy is an inexperienced person only wielding scholarly knowledge, and Jason Derulo wants to cultivate Daphne Joy's intellectual talents based on Jason Derulo's lofty wisdom and experience, providing support for the advancement of Daphne Joy's intelligence. Daphne Joy is inspired by Jason Derulo's profound wisdom, which adds depth to Daphne Joy's knowledge. In business, this works as a complementary relationship that Daphne Joy develops ideas based on scholarly knowledge and that Jason Derulo formulates and funds plans based on lofty wisdom and experience. They think together productively and are connected by the trust.

Misfortune ... Partner feels Daphne Joy is selfish, and Jason Derulo is cranky.
For Jason Derulo, Daphne Joy is eccentric and unpredictable, refusing to pay attention to Jason Derulo, and doing everything in a selfish way. Those matters make Jason Derulo irritated and offended, so Jason Derulo quibble about Daphne Joy's way of doing things, but Daphne Joy refuses to hear Jason Derulo. Daphne Joy always thinks Daphne Joy's way of dealing with things is right, so when Daphne Joy sees Jason Derulo's crankiness, Daphne Joy feels that Jason Derulo is merely a moody and emotional person. Over time, Jason Derulo is always wary of Daphne Joy's sudden action and keeps him/herself at arm's length with Daphne Joy.

Misfortune ... Jason Derulo becomes Daphne Joy's annoying critic.
There is disharmony in communication between the two people, and they are likely to cause problems. Jason Derulo logically analyzes Daphne Joy from a distant viewpoint based on Jason Derulo's theory, obsessively interrogating about Daphne Joy, and proudly talking about the results of Jason Derulo's analysis. However, it is not convincing for Daphne Joy at all and will cause an argument between the two people, but the relationship doesn't seem to aggravate completely. On the other hand, Daphne Joy tends to fall into a selfish way of thinking. However, both people feel one another self-centered.

Misfortune ... Jason Derulo's logic and Daphne Joy's imagination opposites and denies one another.
Daphne Joy feels that Daphne Joy cannot intuitively accept Jason Derulo's logical thinking, because that idea is too theoretical and has no dream, and the direction is different from Daphne Joy's imagination. Even if Daphne Joy talks about his dreams and ideal which Daphne Joy pictures to Jason Derulo, Jason Derulo judges them to be wrong and worthless in the light of Jason Derulo's logical and objective inspection. Besides, Jason Derulo negatively recognizes that Daphne Joy is merely escaping from reality floating in a fancy world and is only talking about a desk theory that cannot be realized in the light of realistic thinking. On the other hand, Daphne Joy's decision is too vague, and Daphne Joy doesn't say a clear answer, so Jason Derulo cannot understand them and apt to misunderstanding. Over time, they distrust one another, and their contact works towards making the relationship unstable.

  • Sexual Relationship
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Sexual compatibility is especially important in love and a marital relationship. This section examines the sexual compatibility of the two people and shows whether they are sexually attracted to each other or the relationship is one-sided.
Very good luck ... Drawn by irresistible sexual attraction
Between the two people, there is strong sexual chemistry, and they are almost irresistibly drawn together and magnetically attracted to one another, especially, Jason Derulo feels a strong physical attraction to Daphne Joy. The partner's sexual attraction is intense, irresistible and beyond their control, almost paralyzes their pleasure centers in their brains, and their affairs is memorized so deeply in their minds and never be forgotten for long periods. As Daphne Joy have intense feelings of jealousy and possessiveness for Jason Derulo at the deepest subconscious level, Daphne Joy compels Jason Derulo's attention and romantic interest obsessively and compulsively and wants to control and manipulate Jason Derulo as Daphne Joy wants, exerting repressive influence for dominance. Due to intense sexuality and obsessiveness of this relationship, the people involved in this relationship may not be able to get out of there easily.

Misfortune ... A selfish physical relationship without affection
Though each person is drawn to the other person by strong romantic and sexual magnetism, this relationship is not peaceful but merely a physical involvement. Each person lacks kindness and acts selfishly to the other person. There is an intrinsic disharmony in this relationship, and deep down both people don't place much trust in the other person. Therefore, to confirm Jason Derulo's love, Daphne Joy could flirt with Jason Derulo for a giggle. On the other hand, Jason Derulo could give Daphne Joy the cold shoulder deliberately. Otherwise, both people might try to look cool to the other person. Besides, Jason Derulo will try to get Daphne Joy under Jason Derulo's thumb, but Daphne Joy may resist that. Eventually, two people are easy to be discordant and get into arguments in this relationship.

  • Cooperativeness
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The following section shows whether the two people can work together and can cooperatively lead their daily lives, and which one will play a leading role.
Very good luck ... Daphne Joy plays a leading role, Jason Derulo sees Daphne Joy as a dependable person.
Jason Derulo sees Daphne Joy as a responsible and dependable person who have self-initiative. Meanwhile, Daphne Joy feels Jason Derulo sensitive and rich in emotions. Each person perceives the other person as a good fellow whom he/she is always glad to be with. There is a smooth exchange between their minds, and both people understand one another's thoughts and feelings, so they can build a trusting relationship. Daphne Joy's opinion and views will prevail in this relationship, but Jason Derulo has good adaptability for Daphne Joy's way of thinking. Both people will be blessed with a harmonious and happy life in this relationship.

Very good luck ... Jason Derulo regards Daphne Joy as an ideal and perfect marriage partner.
Jason Derulo regards Daphne Joy as an ideal and perfect marriage partner, and their affections to the other person will last long, which influences positively toward their relationship, so this element is frequently seen in the chart of married couples. Besides, each person feels the other person to be physically attractive, and especially Jason Derulo feels more sexual magnetism to Daphne Joy. The relationship is full of vitality and buoyancy, and mostly Daphne Joy will dominate and lead it actively. Daphne Joy's activeness works well on Jason Derulo's feelings, and Jason Derulo feels uplifted and gathers Jason Derulo's courage in Mar's company, while Daphne Joy will be soothed and get settled with Jason Derulo's presence. Both people will be able to overcome any difficulties in a coordinated way. If the two people take coolness into account, the relationship will be more favorable and stable.

  • Relationship of Trust
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The following section shows whether two people can trust each other or whether one person values what the other person plans and tries to do.
Good luck ... Daphne Joy exert transformative power to Jason Derulo's imaginativeness.
Daphne Joy sees through Jason Derulo's worries and fleeting dreams that don't seem to be realized. To solve or materialize them, Daphne Joy exerts Daphne Joy's transformative energy that springs up from the depths of Daphne Joy's soul on Jason Derulo's imagination and encourages Jason Derulo's mind to be brought about major changes. After experiencing a lot of turbulence, Jason Derulo might hold dreams and desires different from the previous ones.

Good luck ... Daphne Joy evokes essential changes in Jason Derulo's conscience.
Daphne Joy can inspire more profound insights and essential changes in Jason Derulo's conscience and philosophy, leading Jason Derulo into a new dimension and discovery of a new self. Meanwhile, Jason Derulo offers Daphne Joy positive direction and the ability to grow progressively by exerting Jason Derulo's conscience on Daphne Joy's unfocused energy deep in Daphne Joy's soul. They are resonating in the deep part of their humanity.

Misfortune ... Daphne Joy makes a big fuss with an arrogant attitude.
The way of expression of Jason Derulo's emotions and the policy of Daphne Joy's planning are facing discordant directions. Even if Jason Derulo tries to do Daphne Joy a favor or relies on Daphne Joy, Daphne Joy doesn't positively evaluate Jason Derulo's intentions and rarely meets Jason Derulo's expectations. Jason Derulo feels that Daphne Joy is too big for Daphne Joy's britches and that taking a bossy attitude and unconsciously tends to act to try Daphne Joy's patience. When Daphne Joy is with Jason Derulo, Daphne Joy somehow becomes irritated and gets sick and is easy to offend with Jason Derulo's trivial matters. Once Daphne Joy gets angry, Daphne Joy will make a big fuss with an arrogant attitude and will blame Jason Derulo's behaviors which goes against Daphne Joy's grain.

Misfortune ... Daphne Joy can deceive Jason Derulo to take Jason Derulo down.
When Jason Derulo sees Daphne Joy, Jason Derulo wants to brag proudly about Jason Derulo's dominant points. On the other hand, Daphne Joy wants to deceive and cheat Jason Derulo to take Jason Derulo down, playing the drama queen, buttering Jason Derulo up, using cheap flattery, and making use of Jason Derulo financially and materially. However, when Jason Derulo gives something to Daphne Joy, Jason Derulo tend to give what Daphne Joy doesn't want. Jason Derulo may confuse Daphne Joy as an ideal being which will satisfy Jason Derulo's spirituality, but in reality, Daphne Joy will lead Jason Derulo in the wrong direction, whether inadvertently or intentionally. Besides, Jason Derulo's conscience and philosophy are fundamentally different from what Daphne Joy intuitively feels by imagination, so they cannot build a trusting relationship.

Misfortune ... Daphne Joy flatters, deceives and uses Jason Derulo.
Daphne Joy harbors selfish feelings toward Jason Derulo and uses Jason Derulo for Daphne Joy's convenience. Daphne Joy sees Jason Derulo as a person who has too much pride and is easily gullible and might flatter and deceive Jason Derulo or shift Daphne Joy's responsibility on Jason Derulo, so Jason Derulo might feel that Jason Derulo fell into Daphne Joy's trap. Meanwhile, Jason Derulo can selfishly act and respond to Daphne Joy with an exaggerated attitude. Those acts operate to decrease the trust between them. "Excess" is likely to occur in this relationship, so extravagant expenses could arise, or Daphne Joy might give Jason Derulo things that Jason Derulo doesn't want.

Misfortune ... Jason Derulo nitpicks Daphne Joy, and Daphne Joy rebels Jason Derulo all of the time.
Jason Derulo's self-expression and Daphne Joy's creativity are in the disharmonious direction, which brings discord to the relationship. Jason Derulo feels that Daphne Joy's way of life and thinking lacks common sense and that Daphne Joy acts on a whim. Besides, Jason Derulo has an instinctive dislike of Daphne Joy's novel and creative way, because Jason Derulo feels that that manner is too flimsy and hasty compared to Jason Derulo's common sense based on self-initiative. Additionally, Jason Derulo feels that Daphne Joy does everything in Daphne Joy's way just objecting to Jason Derulo's policy. On the other hand, Daphne Joy is unbearable and repulsive to Jason Derulo, because Daphne Joy feels that Jason Derulo is proud and selfish and that Jason Derulo's way to accomplish things is solid and overperfect. Besides, Jason Derulo intervenes in every way that Daphne Joy thinks normal, and Daphne Joy feels frustrated because Jason Derulo doesn't accept Daphne Joy's flexible ideas. Over time, they often cause anger and dispute, making the relationship unstable.

  • Fatal and Karmic Relationship
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The following section shows the difference in values between the two people that affects them years after they met and whether one person will suppress the other. These matters don't very much bother them right after they met, but they have huge effects as time passes. The relationship with many "Great misfortunes" in this section seems problematic related to the difference in values over time.
Good luck ... Jason Derulo tangibly materializes Daphne Joy's imagination.
Jason Derulo gives Daphne Joy a stepping stone to the realization of Daphne Joy's impractical and fanciful thoughts which always ends up with merely a desk plan, showing the practical and concrete ways. Meanwhile, Daphne Joy converts Jason Derulo's conservative and serious way of thinking into a more romantic manner, restructuring Jason Derulo's deeply entrenched ideas, and leading Jason Derulo to a more imaginative world.

Good luck ... Jason Derulo makes Daphne Joy think more sensibly.
Jason Derulo always behaves as if Jason Derulo were a superior being like a father figure to Daphne Joy. Besides, Jason Derulo tries to lead mercury by restricting Daphne Joy's way of thinking to make Daphne Joy, who only wields shallow knowledge and speaks trivial things fluently, become a respectable and steady person with structure accompanied by common sense along with Jason Derulo's conservative values. Meanwhile, Daphne Joy feels a sense of intimidation and oppression to such Jason Derulo's guidance. However, by taking Jason Derulo's constraints positively and analytically, and applying it to Daphne Joy's intelligence, Daphne Joy can sense that Daphne Joy gains a more stable and thoughtful way of thinking. Besides, Daphne Joy works on Jason Derulo's rigid and inflexible nature to have lighter and more flexible views.

Good luck ... A strict but fatal and enduring relationship
Jason Derulo's feelings and emotions opposes Daphne Joy's sense of values. Daphne Joy senses that Jason Derulo's expression of feeling is superficial and flippant and that Jason Derulo has a shallow-minded and immature personality that should be properly directed by Daphne Joy's solid sensibleness. Besides, Daphne Joy behaves as Jason Derulo's superior being, imposing Daphne Joy's conservative values on Jason Derulo, suppressing and tensing Jason Derulo's feelings and emotions. Meanwhile, Jason Derulo feels Daphne Joy coercive and intimidating as a stern father figure. This relationship is not pleasant but hard and not easy to form a smooth connection especially where two people stand on an equal footing. However, on the contrary, if there is a clear hierarchy in the relationship, the two people will belong to this union with mutual consent. Additionally, this is also a fateful relationship that is strongly drawn by the forces of the karma, so two people were brought together for any reason. As time goes by, the bonds of this union will be strengthened, and both people will turn out that the other person is an important character in the drama of life. There are many committed working relationships as married couples, parent and children or boss-subordinate relationships that have this element as a karmic debt to repay.

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