Synastry Astrology
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Synastry Astrology - Birth Data
  • Notes on using the following astrogical reading
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The following results are calculated by the waves of the planets recorded on the bodies of two people at the moments of their birth. Depending on whether the waves have tendencies to attract or repel, they are divided into: Very good luck, Good luck, A little luck, A little misfortune, Misfortune and Great misfortune.

You might think it's strange that both Good luck and Misfortune are listed simultaneously, but just like the screen of your PC or smartphone you're looking at now displays different colors created from a combination of completely different colored dots of red, green, and blue, the waves that produces chemistry between the two people are made from a complex combination of different kinds of Good luck and Misfortune.

Besides, when both Good luck and Misfortune are listed together, both interplay between the two people instead of neutralizing them to zero.

In order to derive overall relationship between the two people from the following items, it is important to read all the items over and over and derive intuitive results from them.
  • Love Luck
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The following are a description of the feelings that develop between the two people, mainly in the early stages of their relationship. Shortly after they met, they feel these following emotions are dominant and universal. However, as years go by after they met, the following "Relationship of Trust" and "Fatal and Karmic Relationship" become more dominant.
Misfortune ... Hot love is soon cold.
When Cody Nickson meets Jessica Graf at first, Cody Nickson will magnetically fall head over heels in love at first sight with Jessica Graf. Cody Nickson gets a feeling of being special with Jessica Graf who is an ideal personification of Cody Nickson's love interest, and this relationship will be associated with a strong sexual desire. Then their enthusiasm reaches a peak temporarily, and they heighten feelings for happy married life. This can also be an element which triggers marriage if it lasts or not and which is frequently seen in the chart of married or ex-couples. There is a sense of exaltation and freedom but also volatility and instability in this relationship, and Cody Nickson perceives Jessica Graf a free-thinking person but also lacking stability, which may not satisfy Cody Nickson who wants love and togetherness from this romantic relationship. On the other hand, Jessica Graf feels Cody Nickson's attachment somewhat clingy and stifling. As this relationship have a "Hot love is soon cold" nature, it doesn't take time for the two people's romantic feeling to grow cold, and generally, Jessica Graf loses interest in Cody Nickson first and suddenly. As the relationship passes the peak of enthusiasm, the destructive influence begins to work on relentlessly.

  • Communication
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The following section shows whether the two people can communicate freely with each other, including whether one easily understands what the other is talking about, or whether they find their conversation fun or irritating.
Misfortune ... Jessica Graf becomes Cody Nickson's annoying critic.
There is disharmony in communication between the two people, and they are likely to cause problems. Jessica Graf logically analyzes Cody Nickson from a distant viewpoint based on Jessica Graf's theory, obsessively interrogating about Cody Nickson, and proudly talking about the results of Jessica Graf's analysis. However, it is not convincing for Cody Nickson at all and will cause an argument between the two people, but the relationship doesn't seem to aggravate completely. On the other hand, Cody Nickson tends to fall into a selfish way of thinking. However, both people feel one another self-centered.

Misfortune ... They cannot accept one another's intellectual ability.
Jessica Graf feels that Cody Nickson always talks trivial things fluently and proudly and that Cody Nickson wields shallow and superficial knowledge However, Jessica Graf also feels that Cody Nickson has no creativity and capability of applying. Although Cody Nickson may fluently speak to Jessica Graf, boasting Cody Nickson's intellectual ability, Jessica Graf gets irritated or bored with Cody Nickson's oratorical tone. Meanwhile, Cody Nickson feels that Jessica Graf doesn't follow the prescribed procedure, that Jessica Graf only does what Jessica Graf want to do and that Jessica Graf pursues ideas that are far from common sense. Besides, when Jessica Graf solves the problem in an advanced way, Cody Nickson could feel jealous. When they collaborate in the case that requires intellectual ability, it may be good to have an arm's-length relationship between them.

Great misfortune ... They can get irritated just by being together, and dispute frequently.
Two people's intellect and thoughts are facing in discordant directions, so their fundamental way of thinking is different. Both people always feels strange about the other person's way of thinking and perceiving things and become puzzled and angry at the slightest disagreement of one another. So they can get irritated just by being together, and discord and conflicts can increase between them. As two people dispute frequently, they are disgusted with this relationship and might try not to engage with the other person as much as possible, keeping exchanging their opinions to the minimum necessary. Eventually, they might give up the relationship.

  • Sexual Relationship
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Sexual compatibility is especially important in love and a marital relationship. This section examines the sexual compatibility of the two people and shows whether they are sexually attracted to each other or the relationship is one-sided.
There are no elements to display in this category.
  • Cooperativeness
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The following section shows whether the two people can work together and can cooperatively lead their daily lives, and which one will play a leading role.
Good luck ... They are on the same wavelength.
As the two people are on the same wavelength, they can accept one another's presence smoothly and feel comfortable with the other person. Besides, the direction of their self-expression is harmonious with one another, so it is possible for two people to be cooperative to deal with issues in a coordinated manner. As they respect one another's way of living and the purpose of life, those attitudes act positively on a long-term relationship such as married couples and also can create a harmonious and happy relationship.

Misfortune ... Wife is not a slave of the husband.
Jessica Graf can live with Cody Nickson only in an old-fashioned type of male-female relationship that Jessica Graf accepts Cody Nickson's opinions unconditionally, but when Jessica Graf stand on an equal footing with Cody Nickson, Cody Nickson will disagree with every decision Jessica Graf makes. The two people's charm draws one another, but fundamentally, they have a repulsive nature, so it is difficult for them to maintain the relationship without much effort and patience.

Misfortune ... They unconsciously cause hostility and conflict with one another.
Cody Nickson has an attitude, insisting that Cody Nickson is superior to Jessica Graf without any basis. In response, Jessica Graf is damn frustrated because Cody Nickson is arrogant to Jessica Graf. Jessica Graf grows hostile to Cody Nickson, and unconsciously undermine Cody Nickson and weakens Cody Nickson's power to destroy Cody Nickson's bossy attitude and to dominate Cody Nickson, trying to make a fundamental change in Cody Nickson's mind. With time, one another's thoughts cause an unconscious emotional confrontation, which eventually surfaces and causes intense strife. Besides, both people are drawn by the other person's strong sexual attraction, but at the same time, they can cause a fight between them.

  • Relationship of Trust
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The following section shows whether two people can trust each other or whether one person values what the other person plans and tries to do.
Good luck ... They are wrapped in a free and liberated atmosphere.
This relationship is wrapped in a free and liberated atmosphere and filled with stimulation and excitement. Jessica Graf adopts an open attitude to Cody Nickson as a close friend from childhood. Jessica Graf also admires Cody Nickson's ability to come up with a novel idea, which gives Jessica Graf's acts the power to break the traditional values and current limits to open up a new field. On the other hand, Cody Nickson feels Jessica Graf a self-reliant and dependable person, who gives a strong vitality and stability to Cody Nickson's free creative mind that always pursues ideal. To maintain this relationship, Jessica Graf has to keep Cody Nickson free, because Cody Nickson always needs freedom and independence, while Cody Nickson must accept Jessica Graf's rule and accommodate him/herself to it.

Misfortune ... They notice the difference in morality and philosophy over time.
Two people have a repulsive moral and philosophical way of thinking. As each person's any acts, which he/she thinks is right in light of his/her common sense, are ethically unacceptable from the other person's viewpoint, they cause a philosophical controversy, and consequently, resulting in a conflict of the definition of goodness. Besides, if two people are business partners, it is the worst possible thing, because they have opposing ways of doing and extending business, those differences of their policies can cause a rift that cannot be fixed. Additionally, in this relationship, too much waste of money can arise by ostentatious displays of prosperity, and also excessive optimism can happen.

Misfortune ... Emotional adverse reaction arises
The way of expression of Cody Nickson's emotions and the policy of Jessica Graf's planning are facing opposite directions. Cody Nickson is somehow reluctant and refuses to attend to Jessica Graf's open invitation to the social events or parties planned by Jessica Graf, or Cody Nickson emotionally rejects to the management policy of the organization planned by Jessica Graf. Over time, the atmosphere of the relationship is getting worse and worse, so it will be difficult for them to remain on friendly terms and to keep trust with one another steadily.

  • Fatal and Karmic Relationship
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The following section shows the difference in values between the two people that affects them years after they met and whether one person will suppress the other. These matters don't very much bother them right after they met, but they have huge effects as time passes. The relationship with many "Great misfortunes" in this section seems problematic related to the difference in values over time.
Good luck ... Jessica Graf directs Cody Nickson's aggressive energy well.
Jessica Graf can skillfully direct Cody Nickson's aggressive energy toward the goal in line with Jessica Graf's sound way. When this relationship advances, Cody Nickson will take on the role of an accelerator, and on the contrary, Jessica Graf will play as a break. The two people are the best-balanced team in which they bring about good results with one another. However, Jessica Graf tends to suppress or disregard Cody Nickson's sexual approaches by Jessica Graf's conservative sense of values, which make the relationship stoic and less sexual.

Misfortune ... Jessica Graf's aggressive energy and Cody Nickson's values are hostile.
Cody Nickson's conservative sense of value opposes and never admits Jessica Graf's efforts and motivations, which Cody Nickson senses as rough and fledgling. So, each person blames one another's way of thinking. In this relationship, both people intensify frustration with one another, and that can escalate into fighting between them. Besides, Cody Nickson tends to suppress or disregard Jessica Graf's sexual approaches by Cody Nickson's conservative values, which make the relationship stoic and less sexual.

Great misfortune ... Cody Nickson is like Jessica Graf's slave or servant and never seen as full-fledged.
Cody Nickson's self-expression disharmonizes Jessica Graf's sense of value. However, in the beginning, Cody Nickson will be drawn by Jessica Graf's steady and sound atmosphere for some reason. Cody Nickson senses Jessica Graf as a coercive, controlling, authoritarian father figure. Besides, Jessica Graf will self-righteously impose Jessica Graf's conservative values on Cody Nickson, forcing Cody Nickson to act in line with Southern's inflexible ideas, setting Cody Nickson to a task which Cody Nickson is not willing to accept, and even making a sarcastic and taunting behavior to Cody Nickson. Cody Nickson may feel that Cody Nickson's self-initiative is blocked and that Cody Nickson's motivation is dampened, so Cody Nickson will be increasingly frustrated and irritated of Jessica Graf's cold inflexibility which sees Cody Nickson's behaviors only critically. This relationship is not pleasant and satisfying but can be a karmic involvement which is meant to be imposed on them so that they born to compensate their past karmas in this world. Through this relationship, each person will learn many things. If each person involved in this relationship consistently sticks to this union, Cody Nickson has to remain like a slave or servant and also a martyr for this pathetic involvement and may never be considered as a full-fledged person by the harsh master.

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