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Synastry Astrology - Birth Data
  • Notes on using the following astrogical reading
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The following results are calculated by the waves of the planets recorded on the bodies of two people at the moments of their birth. Depending on whether the waves have tendencies to attract or repel, they are divided into: Very good luck, Good luck, A little luck, A little misfortune, Misfortune and Great misfortune.

You might think it's strange that both Good luck and Misfortune are listed simultaneously, but just like the screen of your PC or smartphone you're looking at now displays different colors created from a combination of completely different colored dots of red, green, and blue, the waves that produces chemistry between the two people are made from a complex combination of different kinds of Good luck and Misfortune.

Besides, when both Good luck and Misfortune are listed together, both interplay between the two people instead of neutralizing them to zero.

In order to derive overall relationship between the two people from the following items, it is important to read all the items over and over and derive intuitive results from them.
  • Love Luck
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The following are a description of the feelings that develop between the two people, mainly in the early stages of their relationship. Shortly after they met, they feel these following emotions are dominant and universal. However, as years go by after they met, the following "Relationship of Trust" and "Fatal and Karmic Relationship" become more dominant.
Great misfortune ... Expression of Kiefer Sutherland's love is suppressed.
An expression of Kiefer Sutherland's love and affection disharmonizes Julia Roberts's sense of value. Kiefer Sutherland senses Julia Roberts being a coercive, stern, authoritative father figure and shows affection with respect towards Julia Roberts. On the other hand, Julia Roberts's conservative values doesn't appreciate Kiefer Sutherland's pure-hearted affection as precious and valuable but shallow and childish, and Julia Roberts may not treat Kiefer Sutherland even as a love interest. Besides, Kiefer Sutherland feels that Julia Roberts is biting the hand that feeds Julia Roberts and will increasingly be frustrated for Julia Roberts's inflexibility. This relationship doesn't at least develop into or encourage a romance or marriage.

  • Communication
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The following section shows whether the two people can communicate freely with each other, including whether one easily understands what the other is talking about, or whether they find their conversation fun or irritating.
There are no elements to display in this category.
  • Sexual Relationship
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Sexual compatibility is especially important in love and a marital relationship. This section examines the sexual compatibility of the two people and shows whether they are sexually attracted to each other or the relationship is one-sided.
Very good luck ... Drawn by irresistible sexual attraction
Between the two people, there is strong sexual chemistry, and they are almost irresistibly drawn together and magnetically attracted to one another, especially, Julia Roberts feels a strong physical attraction to Kiefer Sutherland. The partner's sexual attraction is intense, irresistible and beyond their control, almost paralyzes their pleasure centers in their brains, and their affairs is memorized so deeply in their minds and never be forgotten for long periods. As Kiefer Sutherland have intense feelings of jealousy and possessiveness for Julia Roberts at the deepest subconscious level, Kiefer Sutherland compels Julia Roberts's attention and romantic interest obsessively and compulsively and wants to control and manipulate Julia Roberts as Kiefer Sutherland wants, exerting repressive influence for dominance. Due to intense sexuality and obsessiveness of this relationship, the people involved in this relationship may not be able to get out of there easily.

  • Cooperativeness
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The following section shows whether the two people can work together and can cooperatively lead their daily lives, and which one will play a leading role.
Very good luck ... They match with traditional gender roles of men and women.
Julia Roberts sees Kiefer Sutherland as a responsible and dependable person who have self-initiative. Meanwhile, Kiefer Sutherland feels Julia Roberts sensitive and rich in emotions. Each person perceives the other person as a good fellow whom he/she is always glad to be with. There is a smooth exchange between their minds, and both people understand one another's thoughts and feelings, so they can build a trusting relationship. Kiefer Sutherland will play a leading role in this relationship, and Julia Roberts will embrace Kiefer Sutherland's way of thinking. So both people will advance together with one another toward a common goal and will be blessed with a harmonious and happy life. Besides, this combination is matched with traditional gender roles of men and women and frequently seen in married couples.

Very good luck ... A lively relationship in which they inspire one another physically and mentally
Both people feel the other person very physically appealing, but Kiefer Sutherland is particularly attracted to Julia Roberts. Julia Roberts also notices Kiefer Sutherland's romantic interest in Julia Roberts. So this can naturally develop into a physical relationship. This element is good for marriage and often seen in married couples' chart, and they are easy to be blessed with children. Julia Roberts actively leads the relationship, and Kiefer Sutherland positively responds to it. By stimulating one another's competitiveness, this relationship becomes physically and mentally inspiring. So this union is best suited for areas where an activeness is required or as a companion for sports.

  • Relationship of Trust
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The following section shows whether two people can trust each other or whether one person values what the other person plans and tries to do.
Very good luck ... A jovial and supportive relationship, bringing about wealth and prosperity
There is a sense of joy and happiness in this relationship, and two people are connected with a strong sense of trust, perceiving one another as an amiable and friendly person. Julia Roberts finds Kiefer Sutherland as an independent, reliable, steady person, and Kiefer Sutherland perceives Julia Roberts as a warm and generous one. As both people are convinced that they will cooperate together based on goodwill and generosity, they can support one another with respect and appreciation at any cost. This element carries through every matter smoothly and brings about wealth and prosperity to various relationships such as business and marital partnerships. Especially, this element can be frequently seen among married couples.

Good luck ... They have an emotional rapport with the other person.
Two people's imaginations are resonating, and they can understand what the other person is imagining, just looking at the other person's facial expressions. When they are together, both people will feel that the other person is the best friend who has an emotional rapport and is a special person who truly understands the person's heart, so both people want to befriend one another. Besides, as both people sense the subtleties of the other person's emotions, they treat the other person with tenderness and delicacy.

Misfortune ... Kiefer Sutherland flatters, deceives and uses Julia Roberts.
Kiefer Sutherland harbors selfish feelings toward Julia Roberts and uses Julia Roberts for Kiefer Sutherland's convenience. Kiefer Sutherland sees Julia Roberts as a person who has too much pride and is easily gullible and might flatter and deceive Julia Roberts or shift Kiefer Sutherland's responsibility on Julia Roberts, so Julia Roberts might feel that Julia Roberts fell into Kiefer Sutherland's trap. Meanwhile, Julia Roberts can selfishly act and respond to Kiefer Sutherland with an exaggerated attitude. Those acts operate to decrease the trust between them. "Excess" is likely to occur in this relationship, so extravagant expenses could arise, or Kiefer Sutherland might give Julia Roberts things that Julia Roberts doesn't want.

Misfortune ... Kiefer Sutherland nitpicks Julia Roberts, and Julia Roberts rebels Kiefer Sutherland all of the time.
Kiefer Sutherland's self-expression and Julia Roberts's creativity are in the disharmonious direction, which brings discord to the relationship. Kiefer Sutherland feels that Julia Roberts's way of life and thinking lacks common sense and that Julia Roberts acts on a whim. Besides, Kiefer Sutherland has an instinctive dislike of Julia Roberts's novel and creative way, because Kiefer Sutherland feels that that manner is too flimsy and hasty compared to Kiefer Sutherland's common sense based on self-initiative. Additionally, Kiefer Sutherland feels that Julia Roberts does everything in Julia Roberts's way just objecting to Kiefer Sutherland's policy. On the other hand, Julia Roberts is unbearable and repulsive to Kiefer Sutherland, because Julia Roberts feels that Kiefer Sutherland is proud and selfish and that Kiefer Sutherland's way to accomplish things is solid and overperfect. Besides, Kiefer Sutherland intervenes in every way that Julia Roberts thinks normal, and Julia Roberts feels frustrated because Kiefer Sutherland doesn't accept Julia Roberts's flexible ideas. Over time, they often cause anger and dispute, making the relationship unstable.

  • Fatal and Karmic Relationship
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The following section shows the difference in values between the two people that affects them years after they met and whether one person will suppress the other. These matters don't very much bother them right after they met, but they have huge effects as time passes. The relationship with many "Great misfortunes" in this section seems problematic related to the difference in values over time.
Good luck ... Kiefer Sutherland tangibly materializes Julia Roberts's imagination.
Kiefer Sutherland gives Julia Roberts a stepping stone to the realization of Julia Roberts's impractical and fanciful thoughts which always ends up with merely a desk plan, showing the practical and concrete ways. Meanwhile, Julia Roberts converts Kiefer Sutherland's conservative and serious way of thinking into a more romantic manner, restructuring Kiefer Sutherland's deeply entrenched ideas, and leading Kiefer Sutherland to a more imaginative world.

Good luck ... They exert transformative power to one another.
The intense emotions and energies which lead to profound changes in the human nature flowing under two people's unconscious are facing in the same direction and have similar qualities, so they resonate with one another deep in their soul and share their homogeneity unconsciously. As two people unconsciously approve and accept that each person makes changes the other person, when two people are together, they promote mutual changes, growing the other person's humanity through a lot of upheavals. As a result, both people can evolve more efficiently and deeply.

Good luck ... Julia Roberts fundamentally restructures Kiefer Sutherland's innovativeness.
Julia Roberts feels that Kiefer Sutherland's self-satisfying character regarding innovative creativity and respect for freedom are so idealistic that they have to be fundamentally restructured. So Julia Roberts acts on Kiefer Sutherland with transformative energy that springs from the depths of Julia Roberts's soul, revolutionizing the basis of Kiefer Sutherland's spirit of idealism, and reconstructing what is needed for Kiefer Sutherland to progress into the future. Their change is associated with great disturbance, and Kiefer Sutherland will realize a new concept different from the way that Kiefer Sutherland has been assumed so far. So an essential change is likely to occur to Kiefer Sutherland.

Misfortune ... Julia Roberts's energy tries to destroy Kiefer Sutherland's conservative values.
Julia Roberts has the energy that causes fundamental changes of the deeper level in human nature and that simmers with nowhere to go. Kiefer Sutherland attempts to properly direct such energy for Julia Roberts to become a person who satisfies Kiefer Sutherland's conventional values. However, Julia Roberts, who thinks change is good, has fundamentally opposing nature against Kiefer Sutherland's mindset and tries to destroy Kiefer Sutherland's way of thinking but fail. Gradually, Julia Roberts will become annoying about Kiefer Sutherland and will want to put a distance. In the end, two people might get on bad terms with one another to the extent that they don't want to talk to the other person.

Misfortune ... Kiefer Sutherland's aggressive energy and Julia Roberts's values are hostile.
Julia Roberts's conservative sense of value opposes and never admits Kiefer Sutherland's efforts and motivations, which Julia Roberts senses as rough and fledgling. So, each person blames one another's way of thinking. In this relationship, both people intensify frustration with one another, and that can escalate into fighting between them. Besides, Julia Roberts tends to suppress or disregard Kiefer Sutherland's sexual approaches by Julia Roberts's conservative values, which make the relationship stoic and less sexual.

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