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Synastry Astrology - Birth Data
  • Notes on using the following astrogical reading
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The following results are calculated by the waves of the planets recorded on the bodies of two people at the moments of their birth. Depending on whether the waves have tendencies to attract or repel, they are divided into: Very good luck, Good luck, A little luck, A little misfortune, Misfortune and Great misfortune.

You might think it's strange that both Good luck and Misfortune are listed simultaneously, but just like the screen of your PC or smartphone you're looking at now displays different colors created from a combination of completely different colored dots of red, green, and blue, the waves that produces chemistry between the two people are made from a complex combination of different kinds of Good luck and Misfortune.

Besides, when both Good luck and Misfortune are listed together, both interplay between the two people instead of neutralizing them to zero.

In order to derive overall relationship between the two people from the following items, it is important to read all the items over and over and derive intuitive results from them.
  • Love Luck
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The following are a description of the feelings that develop between the two people, mainly in the early stages of their relationship. Shortly after they met, they feel these following emotions are dominant and universal. However, as years go by after they met, the following "Relationship of Trust" and "Fatal and Karmic Relationship" become more dominant.
Good luck ... A warm, cozy, harmonious atmosphere fills the relationship.
As two people have the harmonious way of expressing romantic feelings, when they meet together, they naturally develop feeling of affection and kindness and compassionate attitude to the other person, so they trust one another and don't mind little faults or failures of the other person. Besides, this relationship is filled with a warm, cozy, harmonious atmosphere. Additionally, they tend to have a common preference for fashion and beauty and can understand one another's feelings smoothly.

Good luck ... Linked by universal love
This relationship is filled with a warm atmosphere of caring for the partner and is linked by a universal love rather than a sexual attraction. They respect one another, having an emotional rapport and a feeling that each person likes the other person, and being willing to please others. Don Gummer adopts an open-minded attitude to Meryl Streep, and Meryl Streep accepts it with affection. This relationship will be happy and enjoyable, bringing wealth and prosperity, and often found among married couples. Besides, Don Gummer tends to give Meryl Streep some gifts frequently.

A little misfortune ... Opposing two people are somehow attracted but distrust one another
There are romantic feelings between the two people, but they have a character of repelling one another. However, they are attracted to one another for some reason. Both person cannot trust the other person's expression of love, and to confirm whether love is functioning, they can flirt playfully, showing an overfamiliar attitude to one another. However, they cannot become completely familiar, and there remains distrust to the other person.

  • Communication
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The following section shows whether the two people can communicate freely with each other, including whether one easily understands what the other is talking about, or whether they find their conversation fun or irritating.
Good luck ... Meryl Streep's logic and Don Gummer's imagination influence one another effectively.
Meryl Streep's intellect and Don Gummer's imagination are facing harmonious directions. Don Gummer can intuitively feel what Meryl Streep logically thinks and can influence Meryl Streep's intellect to make more imaginative. On the other hand, Meryl Streep can explain what Don Gummer has in mind logically and analytically, and Meryl Streep works on Don Gummer to make Don Gummer's fanciful and dreamy ideas more realistic and objective. Both people influence one another effectively and this will be a dreamy and imaginative relationship.

Good luck ... Meryl Streep responds to Don Gummer's scholarly knowledge with high wisdom.
Don Gummer has a lot of fun talking to Meryl Streep, and Meryl Streep interestedly listens to Don Gummer's talk, accepting it with a warm and generous heart. Meryl Streep feels that Don Gummer is an inexperienced person only wielding scholarly knowledge, and Meryl Streep wants to cultivate Don Gummer's intellectual talents based on Meryl Streep's lofty wisdom and experience, providing support for the advancement of Don Gummer's intelligence. Don Gummer is inspired by Meryl Streep's profound wisdom, which adds depth to Don Gummer's knowledge. In business, this works as a complementary relationship that Don Gummer develops ideas based on scholarly knowledge and that Meryl Streep formulates and funds plans based on lofty wisdom and experience. They think together productively and are connected by the trust.

Misfortune ... Two people might always quarrel.
Two people's minds are facing in a disharmonious direction and tend to have adverse emotional reactions to the other person. When one person is with the other person, the person becomes sour for some reason and feels like that the other person dislikes the person. As they don't have an emotional rapport with one another, they cannot understand what the other person is thinking and cannot comprehend how the other person's emotions change. There is a discord between the two people, so they might attack the other person without mercy, hurting one another.

  • Sexual Relationship
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Sexual compatibility is especially important in love and a marital relationship. This section examines the sexual compatibility of the two people and shows whether they are sexually attracted to each other or the relationship is one-sided.
Good luck ... They are drawn sexually but express in different ways.
Meryl Streep tends to express things directly, but to the contrary, Don Gummer indirectly, and these two people are sexually attracted to one another. Therefore, Don Gummer may express Don Gummer's sexual interest in Meryl Streep as seduction in a euphemistic way. With that, Don Gummer's presence stimulates Meryl Streep's sexual imagination, and Meryl Streep feels that Don Gummer is an ideal sexual personification. So, aggressive Meryl Streep may not leave Don Gummer alone. Don Gummer adds diversity to Meryl Streep's vitality, and Meryl Streep can relieve Meryl Streep's hastiness. On the other hand, Meryl Streep adds lively strength to Don Gummer's imagination.

  • Cooperativeness
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The following section shows whether the two people can work together and can cooperatively lead their daily lives, and which one will play a leading role.
Misfortune ... Confrontation and antagonism arise.
Don Gummer tries to take a leadership position, but Meryl Streep strongly opposes it. Thereby, a fierce leadership struggle will occur between them, and their opinions will conflict. Both people frustrate the other person saying the annoyance of him/her, but especially, Don Gummer mercilessly hurts Meryl Streep's pride. Therefore, it is better not to take into account the idea that two people will achieve something in cooperation with one another. Though the two people are drawn to one another with a strong sexual attraction in this relationship, it might be the only way to keep the connection alive to sustain tension maintaining a certain distance.

  • Relationship of Trust
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The following section shows whether two people can trust each other or whether one person values what the other person plans and tries to do.
Good luck ... They have an emotional rapport with the other person.
Two people's imaginations are resonating, and they can understand what the other person is imagining, just looking at the other person's facial expressions. When they are together, both people will feel that the other person is the best friend who has an emotional rapport and is a special person who truly understands the person's heart, so both people want to befriend one another. Besides, as both people sense the subtleties of the other person's emotions, they treat the other person with tenderness and delicacy.

Good luck ... Don Gummer exert transformative power to Meryl Streep's imaginativeness.
Don Gummer sees through Meryl Streep's worries and fleeting dreams that don't seem to be realized. To solve or materialize them, Don Gummer exerts Don Gummer's transformative energy that springs up from the depths of Don Gummer's soul on Meryl Streep's imagination and encourages Meryl Streep's mind to be brought about major changes. After experiencing a lot of turbulence, Meryl Streep might hold dreams and desires different from the previous ones.

Misfortune ... Emotional adverse reaction arises
The way of expression of Meryl Streep's emotions and the policy of Don Gummer's planning are facing opposite directions. Meryl Streep is somehow reluctant and refuses to attend to Don Gummer's open invitation to the social events or parties planned by Don Gummer, or Meryl Streep emotionally rejects to the management policy of the organization planned by Don Gummer. Over time, the atmosphere of the relationship is getting worse and worse, so it will be difficult for them to remain on friendly terms and to keep trust with one another steadily.

Misfortune ... Experience discomfort towards one another's approach for change.
Meryl Streep's energy to invoke changes in the deep part of Meryl Streep's soul tries to transform Don Gummer's young and immature conscience. In response, Don Gummer feels difference in direction about it and refuses to accept the changes that Meryl Streep inspires. On the other hand, in light of Don Gummer's conscience and philosophy, Don Gummer tries to progressively direct Meryl Streep's unfocused energy deep in Meryl Streep's heart. However, Meryl Streep also feels the difference in direction, and firmly refuse Don Gummer's proposal. They will become aware of the disharmony inherent in the relationship.

  • Fatal and Karmic Relationship
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The following section shows the difference in values between the two people that affects them years after they met and whether one person will suppress the other. These matters don't very much bother them right after they met, but they have huge effects as time passes. The relationship with many "Great misfortunes" in this section seems problematic related to the difference in values over time.
Good luck ... Meryl Streep obsesses with Don Gummer, manipulating Don Gummer's heart.
Meryl Streep can understand the feelings of Don Gummer very clearly, and when Don Gummer is depressed, Meryl Streep can know exactly how to treat Don Gummer. Besides, Meryl Streep feels Don Gummer attractive, developing an attachment similar to obsession, and wanting to dominate and manipulate Don Gummer's emotions at Meryl Streep's disposal. Don Gummer somehow feels Meryl Streep extremely attractive and gravitates to Meryl Streep. Then, Don Gummer may fall into a state of being manipulated like a puppet. However, Don Gummer feels pleasure in the domination of Meryl Streep and goes into dependency. On the other hand, when Meryl Streep doesn't care about Don Gummer, or Meryl Streep's object of interest moves to a person other than Don Gummer, Don Gummer may feel jealous and become cranky and frustrated. This relationship enhances sexual attractiveness, and deep under the superficial appearance of Meryl Streep's approaches to Don Gummer, a device is built to manipulate Don Gummer's unconscious emotions at Meryl Streep's disposal, directly appealing to Don Gummer's deep psyche. Especially when Meryl Streep feels sexual fascination and obsession with Don Gummer, the implied sexual approaches, such as flipping back Meryl Streep's hair, are shown throughout Meryl Streep's action and try to appeal directly to Don Gummer's libido. These Meryl Streep's approaches could bring about fundamental and structural changes of Don Gummer's heart.

Good luck ... Don Gummer directs Meryl Streep's aggressive energy well.
Don Gummer can skillfully direct Meryl Streep's aggressive energy toward the goal in line with Don Gummer's sound way. When this relationship advances, Meryl Streep will take on the role of an accelerator, and on the contrary, Don Gummer will play as a break. The two people are the best-balanced team in which they bring about good results with one another. However, Don Gummer tends to suppress or disregard Meryl Streep's sexual approaches by Don Gummer's conservative sense of values, which make the relationship stoic and less sexual.

Good luck ... They exert transformative power to one another.
The intense emotions and energies which lead to profound changes in the human nature flowing under two people's unconscious are facing in the same direction and have similar qualities, so they resonate with one another deep in their soul and share their homogeneity unconsciously. As two people unconsciously approve and accept that each person makes changes the other person, when two people are together, they promote mutual changes, growing the other person's humanity through a lot of upheavals. As a result, both people can evolve more efficiently and deeply.

Misfortune ... Meryl Streep completely denies Don Gummer's intellect.
Meryl Streep thinks that Meryl Streep is senior to Don Gummer, always acting like a superior being like a father figure. Besides, Meryl Streep always sees Don Gummer as a person who only wields shallow knowledge and speaks trivial things fluently. Meanwhile, Don Gummer feels a sense of intimidation to Meryl Streep and is frightened and daunted. Meryl Streep denies what Don Gummer's thought and intellect have created as an insignificant childish idea in light of Meryl Streep's values. Besides, as Meryl Streep finds fault with Don Gummer's words and interferes with and denies Don Gummer's ideas, Don Gummer is oppressed losing motivation. Therefore, Don Gummer's fluent talking ability is discouraged, and Don Gummer might become silent. As serious or critical topics will increase in their conversation, Don Gummer is so tired of the relationship with Meryl Streep that Don Gummer wants to look forward to relationships with others. However, Meryl Streep feels Meryl Streep's policy is disputed by Don Gummer and might be overwhelmed.

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