Neptune in 10th House

A person with Neptune in 10th House has the following characteristics:

He/She has a desire to get fame, but in reality, he/she is apt to be spread unfounded rumors that is not based on the facts.

Besides, he/she may be puzzled by getting popular beyond his/her potential by the public or may be discouraged by being slandered and damaging his/her reputation.

He/She has high ideals for his/her profession and is often troubled by the gap between ideal and reality, so it takes much time with twists and turns that he/she finds his/her true vocation.

He/She has a sympathetic and sacrificial spirit of helping and healing people who have troubles and worries and has a desire to contribute to the people of the world through his/her profession.

So, he/she might be involved in volunteer and charitable activities, medical and welfare professions, or religious occupations.

Alternatively, he/she may be successful in artistic or creative professions that can make use of his/her fertile imagination, or have a general affinity for professions concerning the sea and water or occupations related to alcohol and chemicals as well.

His/Her fanciful and dreamy mind seems to lack practical business ability or fundamental responsibilities, so in his/her own business, he/she might find that he/she cannot manage it well by his/her wishful thinking.

For that reason, as for the practice, it might be the best way to leave it to an expert who have practical judgment.

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